Gas leaks / gas escapes

1. Turn off the gas
    For natural gas - turn off the gas supply at the meter at the emergency  
    control valve (ECV); unless the meter is located in a basement or cellar. 
    If there is a smell of gas in the basement or cellar evacuate the building.
    For Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) - Bulk storage supply - shut off the ECV 
    outside the building and the gas isolation valve on top of the 
    above- ground storage vessel(s), or underground storage vessel(s).
    For LPG - metered installations - shut off the ECV at the meter 
    installation outside the building.
    For LPG - cylinder fed installations - shut all cylinder valves.

2. Extinguish all naked flames
    Do not smoke or strike matches.

3. Do not operate electrical switches
    Turning a light on or off can ignite escaping gas.

4. Open windows and doors
    This gets rid of gas by ventilating the property. Additionally, for LPG, 
    ventilate at low level (LPG is heavier than air).
    Note: If gas is evident (smell, hear, see, feel) externally, consideration 
    should be given to preventing gas entering the property. For example 
    close doors and windows.

5. Call the Gas Emergency Contact Centre
    In the case of natural gas, contact the Gas Emergency Service provider 
    (ESP), or in the case of LPG, the Gas Supplier. The list below contains the 
    contact details of ESPs.

England, Scotland & Wales - Gas Emergency Contact Centre - 0800 111 999

Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland Gas Emergency Service - 0800 002 001

Isle of Man - Natural gas & LPG - Manx Gas Ltd. - 01624 644 444

Channel Island (Guernsey) - Mains gas* & LPG** - 01481 749 000

Channel Island (Jersey) - Mains gas* & LPG** - 01534 755 555
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