Carbon Monoxide (CO) - What to do and know

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning kills! Around 600 people are admitted to hospital for CO poisoning each year. It can have long and short term effects on you and your familys health (pets included)

Spot signs around your appliance

Learn how to spot the signs of a Carbon Monoxide leak around your appliance. Fortunately, although you can't see or smell Carbon Monoxide it's easy to identify signs that indicate there may be a strong risk of it being produced. Simply look at your gas or heating appliances.

Danger signs include:

- Sooting or staining on or around your appliance

- Excessive condensation in the room where the appliance is installed

- Lazy yellow / orange coloured flames

You are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if:

- Your appliance is not working properly and efficiently

- Your appliance has not been safety checked and serviced annually

- There isnt enough fresh air in the room due to blocked vents, chimneys and flues

- Your chimney or flue is blocked or has not been swept regularly

- You allow untrained or individuals not qualified for the fuel or appliance to install or 
  maintain your appliances

- There is no audible CO alarm fitted and working in your home

       (Honeywell SF450EN)

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